About The Brand



Vidhi Singhania has brought the textiles and fabrics of Kotah into her beautifully crafted collection depicting traditional designs. Having a long term relation to the clients all over the world, the designer has now decided to establish an online market to cater to her client's needs from each corner. Vidhi’s knowledge for Indian textile and fabrics has made her brand Vidhi Singhania amongst the top selections of many fashion dictators and fiestas. Her collection includes an impressive range of Banarasi Silk sarees, Georgette, Kotah and Leheriya collections for Sarees. The brand’s expertise lies in decorating the bride with richly designed and amazingly crafted hand woven zari work to everyday wear be it any occasion or profession. Vidhi’s Couture excels in creating magic with the traditional textile and modern trends. The gift of beauty and elegance comes naturally with every attire she creates under her brand.



Vidhi Singhania: The Revivalist


Vidhi Singhania can be best described as a fond lover of the rich cultural traditions of India. Her love for Indian textile and craft works has helped Vidhi to create magic with the fabrics.  

The designer strives to keep the traditional art of weaving and handloom alive through her beautiful creations. Over the years, Vidhi has been able to build a strong repertoire with the help of expert craftsmen and her deep understandings of textiles and fabrics.

Each piece designed by Vidhi Singhania speaks about its uniqueness in design and high-quality craftsmanship. The success that Vidhi Singhania celebrates today, is backed by the hard work put together by her and the team of craftsmen, hailing from Kotah and other remote places of India.

Vidhi started designing saris for corporate gifts with support of her husband. She is also responsible in personally training over 2000 weavers in the art of handloom. Today, the designs of Vidhi Singhania and the careful creations of craftsmen are amongst the popular selections of celebrities and other fashion lovers.

21 years of expertize in handloom designing has brought Vidhi Singhania to a position of being the ‘Revivalist’ of Indian handloom. The unique designs created by Vidhi are loved by her clients both in India and Overseas.

The designer is closely connected to the fashion industry being a member of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) for eight years. The visitors are in awe by the amazing colors and variety of designs that are available at her store.

Vidhi Singhania has pushed boundaries today with her designs and pieces. Her name is renowned in the Indian textile industry. The kind of designs she creates are a perfect selection for people of any age starting from the teens. Her USP is the elegant, fashionable and unique ways of playing with rich fabrics. Her designs are renowned for the intricate karigari that goes into transforming the weave into a piece of art complete with meticulous embroidery, hand painting, butis, motifs and zari. Her flagship store at in New Delhi, promises an exceptionally rare collection of lavish weaves, ensembles & accessories.


Our Weavers


Our weavers remain the backbone of the business. The association started in Kota where the weavers were looking at different lines of work for their children. Vidhi Singhania started work with these workers to not only save a heritage but to show them what magic can be created with this versatile Kota. By giving them work, naming designs after their women and by bringing them to the limelight, a new era started for them. The learning was both sided as there was so much to learn about handloom from these very skilled weavers. Many more weavers who deal in handlooms came up to keep the traditional craftwork sustained in this changing world of fashion. These weavers deal in hand woven sarees, blouses, lehengas, potlis and more exclusive range of accessories. 

Today the biggest achievement for the designer Vidhi Singhania is that the weavers make the market and demand the rates they want rather than the consumers. They are getting the credit and the name they truely deserve. There art is appreciated and valued not only in India but all over the world. They are and will remain the makers of the biggest market in India after agriculture. 


Awards & Recognition


Awards and recognition have always made us strive for more and in this long period of time, we have tried to bring out the best of the creativity, craftsmanship and designed elegance to our collections.


Vidhi Singhania has been honoured by a list of awards in lieu of her dedicated efforts in the fashion Industry. The list of awards includes:

  • Devi Award 2016

  • The Legends Award 2016

  • Iwec Award 2008


Today, we are recognized as an established brand and we still strive each day to keep up the pace and satisfy our consumers in all possible manners. Our hand woven collections and Indian designs have connected a lot of people, brands and weavers to us and we  respect their trust in our creations and efforts.