Vidhi captures everyday life poetically in her weaves. Rendering a reverence and artistic gravity to motifs we chance upon a zillion times. Under her eyes, the spin wheel at the festival fair, the rose in the garden, the mashaal on the wall or the shell by the sea turn into piece de resistance. Near art, woven in the richest of silk by the master craftsmen who work by the Ganges and capture her magnificence in their works.


Vidhi brings together a collection of saris in rich Varanasi silk, soft Maheshwari cottons and gossamer cotton nets form Kota. She orchestrates a veritable fable of saris that can suit your every mood: Be it that special moment when your daughter takes the sacred vow, or the cocktail to bring in Diwali or even those endless celebrations. Vidhi presents a festive like that comprises of Benarasi silk in thread, gold and silver zari weaves. Also for the casual luncheons are her kotas that are screen printed, foil prints, digital prints or batiks…. all fussed up with embroidered blouses and antiquated borders.


Her brocades turn soft pastel as her benarsis play truant with the rainbow in their brightness. Geometric motifs and the linear charm of the traditional latticework of Indian give a sense of juxtapose to Mughal bootas and other endearing motifs.


 For Vidhi festive just got true festive and regal. Her ode to hand weaves going notches above in their heritage appeal. 



Benares Collection


Kota Collection 


 Georgette Collection


Chanderi Collection