Benaras Collection




Benaras. Its dense lanes. Its festooned parapets and the deep havelis that reverberate with din of the warp and weft dexterously playing with each other. The silks, brocades, kin khwabs and the inimitable skilled hands of the weaver who spins this fairy tale into yards of wonder. Benarasi silk or brocade is amongst the favourite selections of women for major occasions like weddings and functions. The love of Banarasi Sarees can be judged from the fact that it is exported to over 200 countries around the globe. The rich and elegant look that this fabric promises is just remarkable.


Classicism, which is the corner stone of Vidhi Singhania's design sensibility eases a little to bring in some chutzpah to the saris she has created specially for the winter collections. In her Varanasi looms she replicates the geometrics of Scottish tartans recrafted in the finest, soft silks. Good to wear even for the board meeting. For the luncheon in the afternoon Vidhi Singhania offers a dual toned ombre woven sari that goes from dark to pastel, deep to light lending an informal air to a formal, occasion sari.